Kendall Jenner & Alyssa Carson

“A few days ago, the photograph of American model Kendall Jenner in swimsuit was viral online, showing what for many is the perfect body in a woman. On the right, a photograph of Alyssa Carson, the 19-year-old astronaut who became the youngest person in history to overcome all NASA's aerospace tests and who is now preparing to be the first human being to travel to Mars. It's not hard to deduce which of the two is most popular and globally admired, yet this situation shows us the disproportionate value that society gives to exaggerated beauty stereotypes. While many women struggle every day to belong to historically male-dominated positions and trades, society continues to reward the superficial; the aesthetic; what it sells. Woman is not a being destined to be aesthetically perfect. Let's stop creating plastic idols, who sell their products at the expense of other people's complexes. Life is too short to begging for acceptance of people deceived by the multimillionaire cosmetics industry.”

All Warriors Gym, Ayr.