Imperfect Girls Make Perfect Role Models

“Female role models, you might say, are having a moment. Powerful female heads of state across the globe are out-leading their male counterparts in handling the pandemic. This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to an all-female team. In the United States, there is at last a female vice president, tough, powerful — and also the first Black and Indian woman to hold that office. The women’s soccer team isn’t just winning World Cups and widespread adoration but is also waging a public, uphill battle for equal pay. Women are making their way into what had seemed a permanent men’s club: the elite special operations ranks of the armed forces. Oh, and how about the youth poet who mesmerized the Inaugural audience and then moved on to the Super Bowl? While we are still far from gender parity, it’s an incredible moment for girls, who, facing pandemic limitations, may be especially eager for glimmers of motivation and hope.”


NY Times - atty Kay, Claire Shipman and Jill Ellyn Riley